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Profiel vangranadina
Ik ben nuGescheiden
Ik ben op zoek naar eenMan

Openingszinback in the pond

Kinderen nuJa
SportAf en toe
Lengte175 - 179cm
BouwGezet en groot
Hobbiesluisteren, lezen, zeilen, dancen
Heb je een autoNee
Hoogst genoten opleidingVwo
Beroep of studieCoaching - Training
Omschrijvinga bit about me:

I am a happy person who likes to see the brighter side of life as much as possible.

I am not looking for an instant long term relationship but the idea of once again, in the distant future, having a partner sounds pretty good to me.

The love of my life so far are my 2 boys, 16 y/o and 3 y/o. The greatest gifts life could have given me.

I firmly believe in learning from past experiences and growing, don't hold grudges or crazy baggage.

Photography, sailing, reading and dancing are some of my hobbies. I just learned how to shoot a semi-automatic (thank you, thank you to my super instructor!) and I am planning to add target shooting to my list of hobbies.

Well, after 12 years of relationship I had forgotten what dating really was. So I am in the middle of the re-learning process and getting the hang of it. Be patient ;)

Anything that allows you to get to enjoy a conversation should be fine. So movies, dancing and those fun activities would not be on my first date list.

Love to laugh so you better bring your red nose!

Best first date I had was actually in Rockford (Michigan), love that place! walking around and having a simple dinner.