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Profiel vanMr_Passion
PlaatsDen Haag
Ik ben nuSamenwonend
Ik ben op zoek naar eenVrouw

A Surprise Moment

OpeningszinP.I.M.P. Public. Intelectual. Moral. Principes.
Kinderen nuJa
DrugsVaak (>3 per week)
DrinkenVaak (>3 per week)
VegetarischAls het uitkomt
SportAf en toe
Lengte185 - 189cm
KledingCasual, Trendy, Sportief, (mantel)pak
ReligieGeen religie
Heb je een autoNee
Hoogst genoten opleidingMbo
Beroep of studieEntertainer Producer
OmschrijvingU R gonna find it out any way, 1st of all I'm not a monogamy type a man, I rather say it like it is, 2 start a soap series kind of Life show and shit, doesnít mean I walk around fuck everything that move either, all about respect 1another,love 1another & enjoying from the things we accomplish 2gether in life, I guess in some strange way finding that balance, cause life is short. I believe in a woman that's strong in accomplishment, loves herself, with ambition, so a man knows who he got beside him,not all bs talk and just lazy, (talk about girl power and not 1 single power in them) a woman that know about building something up 2gether, a soldier like, a Xena type, a woman, not a material little girl that want want want and doesn't know about building anything 2gether, cause kids ? a got already!! U Know ?

I am like a Phoenix, starting all over. *We are in 3 divided. 1.Spirit 2.Mind 3.Body. Itís a challenge for these 3 in their total combination. Itís not about what we want, or what we want 2 understand, but who we r what we have and still achieve the ultimate, be a successful human been, Cause after all itís so hard 2 be a human any way.

BTW, I am A Gemini Not A Taurus
BTW, Ik Ben Een 2ling & Niet Een Stier